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Pastelyk Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2017
"Do you have bud lite? I only drink bud lite. Well sometimes i like a corona lite with a hint of lime. But specifically today is a bud lite day."- Bramblestar 2017

"Nevermind take him back he's a wimp" - Clear Sky 2017 

"Well first I Acquired a Twoleg chainsaw, Then I waited until Ashfur was alone" - Hollyleaf 2017

"Twigkit! If you take one more step into the medicine den I Will pick you up and THROW YOU as far as I can In any direction. You could hit a wall or you can land safely in the fresh kill pile. But do you really want to risk it?" -Jayfeather 2017

"I Actually care. But I Will never act on this" -Violetpaw 2017

"Communism is the way Violetkit" -Needletail 2017

"Rowanstar I'm only 15" -Puddleshine 2017

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